Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Mor Gabriel Monastery Midyat.

Door Handle Bodrum Castle
Photography is my one of my hobbies. Like with most things in my life I'm an enthusiastic amateur! I recently got a new camera, slightly more complicated than the last. It is taking me a while to get used to it so some of my more recent photos are not quite in focus. So please bear with me.
I'm not good at photographing people, my friends often wonder if I holiday on my own! There are rarely people in my holiday shots. I'm constantly telling my poor long-suffering husband to move out of the way, he's spoiling the shot.

Topkapi Palace Istanbul

Inlaid Mother of Pearl Topkapi Palace
A recurrent theme in my photos is   doors and doorways. I find them fascinating. Doors, tall, small, ornate, plain, wooden, metal,
PVC,  locked, ajar,  house or
garden, battered or new, every
colour under the rainbow I wonder about the hidden lives behind them , who has passed through them, what stories they could tell.

Everyday we pass through doors, physical and metaphysical. Whether we choose to open or close these doors determines our future. Doors beckon us in to new experiences  new opportunities, open new chapters  in our lives and allow us to close the door on the past.

Here are a few of my favourites.

River entrance to Dolmabahce Palace Istanbul
Topkapi Palace Istanbul
Bathroom Door Topkapi Palace
Old Door Mardin
Kervanseray outside Kayseri

Multiple Doors Goreme
Street Doors Uchisar

Hotel Doors Goreme

Only inhabitant of Becin Kalesi, Milas
 sits at her door

Low door at stone age dwelling
Wexford Heritage Park
Main door Trinity College Dublin

Traditional Irish half door Glendalough
Georgian door Dublin
Sunday Morning at Mosque in Mardin
Door with vine Mugla
Old door in Mugla
Entrance door, windmill Gumbet
In Budapest


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  1. Mary, not only are the doorways visually beautiful, but they saw so much about character of the building and the people who live there. It's amazing how looking at the world through someone else's eyes can be so enlightening! Love this post.


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