Sunday, September 5, 2010

June 2005 - At last

Finally the house was ours. Military permission was granted and we owned our own little bit of heaven. We went out for three weeks and after a few days we were ready to move in. Kelebek arrived early in the morning and so did our table tennis table. That morning everything happened at the one time. Our patio furniture arrived and so did our white goods from Beko.

The service from Beko was unbelievable. One group came and delivered the goods, opened and removed the packing.....which they took away with them and then another person came to plug in the appliance and give instructions on how to use the item.

Kelebek was the same. Everything was assembled, packaging removed and the place tidied up. Ali loaned us some allen keys to assemble the patio table and chairs and we had to wait for a day to get the table tennis tabl;e up and God what a delay!

We quickly settled into life in our new home and before we knew it our three weeks were up.

However I had a cunning plan. I really thought my mum should see our new home so I invited her out for two weeks in August and of course I had to accompany her.

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