Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mum's visit to Turkey

My Mum was 79 when she came to Bodrum in the middle of the blaring August heat but she was game for anything. My "Çılgın kız" genes had to come from somewhere.
I had not as yet braved driving in Turkey - it was to be a few years yet before I drove at 50kmph in towards Bodrum with my heart in my mouth - so we went everywhere by dolmuş.

We set off on a two day bus trip to Ephesus and Pammukale. The heat was intense but she wandered around taking it all in......under the shade of an umbrella. There should have been a health warning on that umbrella as I think several individuals nearly lost an eye.

She also swam in the Pool of Cleopatra in Pammukale and came out looking like a 69 year old. She revelled in the fact that everyone wanted to know her age, she had snow white hair and proudly proclaimed she was 79 to a chorus of Maşallahs

There was just one dodgy moment on the holiday. We went shopping in Bodrum and in one shop we were asked where were our men. İ said İ had left mine at home as he hated shopping but Mum told them that unfortunately her man was dead. This immediately led to being asked her age as the owner had a grandfather who was also on his own.

Mum asked his grandfather's age and on learning he was 75 she said he was too young for her. She was then told, that in Turkey there is no problem with an older woman and a younger man........everyone knew it was just for the sex! İ didn't know where to look, needless to say there was no sale made here. My mum was of a different generation.

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