Saturday, September 4, 2010


We were told that it should take 2-3 months to get military permission to buy our house. So with that in mind I booked a holiday at Easter to furnish the house and get it ready for the summer.

That was before I realised what 2-3 months actually meant. January came and went and so did February. I now had to book a hotel to stay in as it looked like the house was not going to be ours in a hurry! So this time we booked the Delphi Hotel in Bodrum. The location was great but the hotel looked if it was only just opening.

Several things stand out in my memory about this holiday. The weather was mixed, in the shelter it was warm but here was a cool breeze. There was a swimming pool but it was full of green water and old mandarins that had fallen fron the trees.

Under the trees, middleaged men sat playing Tavla, there was a tournament in progress.

We asked if there were sunbeds so we could sit in the sun and they looked at us in horror, it was March, they were still wearing fleeces, were we crazy! However in fairness, they dragged them out and cleaned them. Next day, of course, there were a couple of Germans staying at the same time and they got up early and claimed them.

We spent our holiday looking at furniture and eventually met Ali from Kelebek who was very helpful. He said he had a wife in Dublin but they had no plans to live together!! His main concern was that his Easter egg would arrive!

We arranged what furniture we wanted and as soon as our permission arrived and we completed the sale we would send them the money and we'd arrange delivery. So the holiday wasn't wasted.

A couple of other memories that spring to mind are walking along the seafront in Yalikavak in warm sunshine, a portent of things to come.

I also remember Orhan. He worked in one of the many hairdressers that we passed everyday and he would always run out to chat to us. He was trying to improve his english. One evening his boss was there too and we got a demonstration on removing facial hair with thread. I could feel the pain as I watched his bosses eyes water while Orhan went to work!!

We returned home and still the house was not ours!

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