Sunday, June 12, 2011

Personal Bloggers Are Us.

Blogging is relatively new to me. I did an in-service education course on blogging as it can be a useful tool in the classroom. I never dreamed I'd end up a personal blogger.

I love to read. Reading is a sensual  as well as a cerebral experience for me. I love the look, feel and smell of books, as well as the pure joy in losing myself in a story well written. My idea of a good day  out shopping is to be let loose in a book shop with money in my pocket.  There is no trauma here, no seeing something I really like, trying it on and finding it just doesn't fit or it doesn't suit.  I don't have to look sideways in a mirror. A quick glance at a back cover will tell me if I need to explore further. Easy peasy, no mirrors. Sean's biggest gripe with my passion for reading is that it is expensive - at the rate I read. His next gripe is that once read I will not bring the books to the secondhand shops or give them to charity. I will loan them to friends who have a proven track record in returning them. Other than that, they sit on my bookshelves making our house look cosy, lived in, loved. Of course now the bookshelves are in the sitting room, the bedrooms, the kitchen and now we almost have to walk sideways to get past the shelves in the hall.

 Blogging doesn't just involve writing. It involves reading other blogs. Hubbie doesn't know whether to be happy or sad. I now follow over 50 blogs. I love peeping through the curtains of other peoples' lives. I have learned many new things. And as for the photography....words fail me. However, keeping up with my "blogging" reading means I don't have the same amount of time for books. Hubbie is trying to decide if having more money in our pockets, and the end of books encroaching what little free space there is to walk around this house, is worth the amount of time I spend on the computer. If he ever decides to leave me, the computer will be cited in the divorce case!

To make matters worse (on the homefront), I have recently joined a group of Bloggers called Personal Bloggers Are Us #PBAU. The idea behind the group is to promote the idea of personal blogs and bring them to the forefront.  Some of us are quite new to blogging and this will help us get in touch with other bloggers, to share ideas and encouragement. It is a 90 day challenge and we will share posts every Tuesday and Friday. We start on Tuesday.
At the moment there are 22 of us. Please check out their blogs. There are some amazing writers here. I have listed them in no particular order.

  1.  Josie Speaks Up - the musings of an Australian gal who is re-inventing her life
  2. Charlie Nitric - Charlie likes to share his  experiences, poetry, hopes and dreams.
  3. Life Through Lucylastica's Lense - Lucylastica2 writes wittily  about her life and observations.
  4. Skank Rattle and Roll. - LaliaGigiVoce  who is finding her voice through her blog.
  5. Confessions of Green Queen. - My glass slippers is a writer for film, an environmentalist and a globe trotter.
  6. Are you Serious? - Alexandra  uses her blog as her creative outlet. She is a currently studying Communications.
  7. Hajra Kvetches. - This blogging group is part brainchild of Hajra. She enjoys a good "kvetch" now and then
  8. Reflections from a Red Head. - Janine is the other brain behind this group.  Jamine likes to reflect on  life, love, family and of course being a red head.
  9. What Little Things - Samantha blogs on the little things in everyday life in Peru
  10. Growing Up Jenny - Jenny is a freelance writer in Ontario. Jenny has wrestled with depression and now plans to do everything she missed out on growing up.
  11. To Gyre and Gambol - Thom likes to enjoy the passage of time. Follow the tree outside his office window through the seasons, in addition to his reflections of life.
  12. I've become my Parents - This guy writes about things his son should know before he turns into him.
  13. Stepping through grief. - Esdeer offers hope and comfort to those who have lost a loved one.
  14. Sweepy Jean Explores the Webby World - Sweepy Jean is a wonderful poetess. Her blog also contains her musings on life.
  15. 40blogSpot - in her own words this is the blog of a French Yummy Mummy living and blogging in London
  16. ~ just my thoughts - Cath is an artist, an amazing photographer and combines these with just her thoughts, the result, a truly captivating blog.
  17. Tale Spinning Stuart spins some great tales. Check him out and you will be caught in the web he weaves.
  18. It's All a Matter of Perspective - Holly is professional writer and claims her blog is 99.3% truth and .7% blatant lies!
  19. Catharsis - Joy Page Manuel is a blogging Mom who is finding her way through motherhood and homesickness for her native home.
  20. Return to Sender: A Fat Girl's Letter to the World. - Sarah has two degrees in Creative Writing. She has adapted and thrived in the fashionista realm with  creative ingenuity and a willingness to wear anything once.
  21. From Coach to Entrepreneur - Diana has had a varied career and  is now a coach, through her blog she shares her experience.


  1. Nice words on blogging and what it means to you and to the hubbie.

    And it's great to see all the PBAU blogs listed in one location, too! I'm both excited and a bit nervous to get started next week. It'll be a lot of reading and writing!

  2. Wow - full marks for this post. Well done.

  3. @eric, you're not the only one nervous. Next week is going to be a bit of a "brown pants" week for me, for more reasons than one. However, I'll try anything once.
    @Thom Thanks, I'm a bit of a blonde so I thought if I put all of these in one place I might be able to keep track:-)

  4. What a great idea! I'm looking forward to perusing (love that I got a chance to use that word today!) these blogs when I have time this week.

    Also, I could have written your first part about your hubbie and the books myself! I adore my books. My hubbie does not. They are like so precious to me, and getting rid of them is akin to tossing aside an old friend.

  5. I've been an avid reader since I can remember. Blog reading is the natural extension of my love of reading. Too bad life interferes! Great post Mary, and wonderful pbau list!
    ~cath xo


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