Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Saturday in June

This morning got off to an early start. My brother came to collect my Mum. She is off to visit another of my brothers in the west of Ireland. We will be a Mum free zone for a week.

The sun was shining. No school for four days. We decided to go to the garden centre to get the summer bedding. However before we set off, the garden was not the only thing to be got ready for summer.

My legs will soon be on show, well below the knee anyway. So a de-afforestation programme was called for.  I repaired to the bathroom and 20 minutes later emerged smooth and gleaming.

We headed for Wilton Gardens. I threw my camera into the bag and we were off. On arrival we were greeted by a big teddy bear made from straw bales. I was glad I had my camera. This guy is so cute.

The trolley was soon full of plants. Marigolds are Sean's favourites.

I was shocked to see how the recession has hit. Once upon a time these display shelves would be full of shrubs,

The car boot full of plants we decided it was time for lunch. We headed for yet another garden centre. This  garden centre was set up to provide employment opportunities in a commercial setting for adults with an intellectual disability. This is a regular haunt for us our Saturday afternoon cup of coffee.

It was nice enough to sit outside. My quiche was delicious.

We returned home. We laid out the plants and then I left Sean to the planting. There are times when it's handy to have dodgy knees.

I headed to the kitchen to assemble the cakes I had made last night and then it was time to go.

It is our nephews 18th birthday. The weather was so nice there was a barbecue in the garden. I couldn't resist taking this rose. Everyone else was taking photos of the birthday boy or the guests.

I love the way the evening sun caught this flower. But of course I had to take photos of the cake. There was a breeze so they had to bring the cake inside to light the candles.

Where should he start cutting?

Wait, blow out the candles first.

He'll need to give up the cigarettes if he wants to blow them all out in the one go!

All of this and twelve driving lessons too!

Thanks Mum and Dad. What a day!! And the good news, no school until Wednesday!


  1. Sounds like you had a magnificent day! I LOVE the teddy made of straw bales!

  2. Wow, what a great outing! I love the flowers. It is winter here in Argentina and we are expecting the first snow on the mountains very soon. Winter is not doing my mood any good and it was lovely to see these beautiful flowers!

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. That picture of the rose was bloody amazing. And I loved your nephew's birthday - it felt like I was actually there - happy birthday to the handsome chap!

  4. I haven't had quiche in forever...your picture made my mouth water!


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