Monday, January 30, 2017

In Dublin's Fair City.

Funny as I am writing the title of this post, I am reminded how random lines of song lyrics often pop into my head. When I was teaching, we had the daily spelling test, Each spelling was put into a sentence, to give context and meaning to the word, More often that not, I put it into a song lyric and sang the sentence. The children thought I was half mad or maybe even completely so.  One girl, more years ago than I care to remember, looked at me and told me I was "stone mad"  My title of cilgin kiz began long before I knew the Turkish term. My student did confess though that she would prefer me to remain stone mad than strive to be normal/

After that digression, I better get back to the story in hand. Once checked in I was looking forward to my brief hotel stay. My twin room was more than comfortable. There was just one major problem. There was no mini bar! Had the events of the past couple of days finally driven me to drink? Perish the thought! It was the bacon and cheese I was concerned about. With no mini bar, how would I keep them fresh? It was just as well I hadn't brought those couple of loaves of cranberry bread I had found in Tescos.

I packed my contraband into a hotel laundry bag and went down to reception. I explained my predicament to the the receptionist. She  offered to see if she could locate a small fridge for me. I replied that wouldn't be necessary if they would store my "laundry" in the hotel's fridge. I had put my room number and name on the bag. Job done.........I could now look forward to my mini break while hoping none of the staff had a craving for goat's cheese.

I arranged to meet my daughter in town for a meal the following evening. I set off in the early afternoon. My goodness it was donkey's years since I had used the city's buses. Everything is automated now and if you don't have a bus card. you need to have the exact change for the fare as there is no change given. I believe you can keep your receipts and when you have enough of them to make it worth your while, go to Dublin Bus and reclaim your overpayment.

After a quick tour of Debenhams, I crossed the Ha'penny Bridge into Temple Bar.

The Ha'penny Bridge, this was a toll bridge which replaced the river ferry. The toll did increase and the bridge was subsequently known as the Penny Ha'penny Bridge.

I was immediately struck by the amount of red buildings... red paint, red brick...  The theme for my photography homework was red. And the setting sun over the bridge was wonderful But of course I had left my camera back at the hotel, safely locked in the room safe.

Thank God for my phone.I am almost never without It.  I fitted right in with all the tourists, except I didn't take a single selfie. I wonder if smart phones had been around when I was younger, would I be a "selfiie taker" Is it just because  of my wrinkled face that I almost never turn the camera around? On reflection, I don't think so. I always used to tell people to get out of my way so I could take the photo and still find myself standing, waiting....not too patiently.....for people to get out of the way of my shot. I love the camera on my Samsung phone. Some of my better photos are taken with it. And it is lovely to look back at the Taj Mahal or the temples of Durbar Square and not have the view spoiled by my face looming in the foreground.

Yet again I have digressed.

With red in mind, I starting looking at the city through my lens.

One of the many pubs in Temple Bar.

Bloom's Hotel has got a Joycean facelift

Bewley's Cafe, a Dublin institutuon had been closed for some time for restoration. It is due to reopen later this year.

Red////jackets signs lights. Photograph is a bit blurred as I didn't have time to stop.

But the Irish rebel in me had to out and I couldn't help adding the photograph below to the set. Fish and chips anyone?

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