Wednesday, February 8, 2017

End of the Journey.

I decided to turn up early for check in.  I was uneasy because I had not been able to do it online.. When I tried  it didn't show the Dublin flight  and the Bodrum flight for Wednesday morning. I was only leaving Dublin on Wednesday morning/

Was it a glitch in the system? Caroline was originally booking me on the Tuesday to arrive Wednesday morning but then we decided to leave it for a day as the Tuesday flight was showing as oversold. I had been given two nights at the hotel so I wasn't mistaken that my flight was on Wednesday,

I collected my contraband from the hotel fridge, packed up and set off for the airport. The check in was just opening and I was one of the first in line. I handed my passport over to a very nice young man, smiling as I said with bated breath "Third time lucky" He didn't bat an eyelid, but then he picked up the phone.

 He was obviously ringing the office, "I have a lady here who says she is booked on this flight but she is not in the system!" He then turned to me and told me, not to worry, to go to the office and they would sort me out. I was not booked on the flight!

I looked at my trolley of luggage. When am I ever going to learn to travel light!  The guy on check in saw my despairing look.  told me I could leave leave the bags to one side, and when I came back, not to queue but to come directly back to him. That sounded hopeful. Maybe I was going to fly after all.

Winnie, who was directly responsible for me going to the Maldives this time last year,( that is a story for another day) arrived just after I did. She told me not to worry. Relived. I said "There are still seats then?" I got a raised eyebrow a smile and told I would be sorted.

It was the end of a very difficult period for them. Leave had been cancelled and some of the staff had worked 12 days straight under tremendous pressure. Again I was reminded how fortunate I am, I  was not in a hurry to be anywhere. Retirement rocks!

To cut this very long story short, I was on the flight, I hadn't taken anyone's seat. There were still a few empty ones on the plane. My flight the next day also took off on time.

 However you know me, there had to be one final moment of excitement.I was sitting in a window seat, just in front of the wing. We had just started our descent when there was a flash and an almighty bang. To say I jumped was an understatement. I looked back, the engine was still there,  There were no signs of smoke. It was a lightning strike but there were no obvious signs of damage.

I was glad to have finally arrived, bags scanned with not a murmur about my "contraband" and Mr. Man was waiting to bring me back to the site. 5 days after I had set out on my journey.

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