Monday, February 21, 2011

430 days but who's counting?

Some days it seems like a long time to retirement. At the very earliest I will retire in August 2013.. Recently, the Chairperson of  our Board of Management visited my classroom and happened to ask when I hoped to retire. I hope this wasn't a hint!!!!
I said not  for a while yet  but hopefully in two and a half years time." Ah, thats not long" he replied "about 430 days". Well, that made my day, I had not thought of it in terms of actual working days. It suddenly didn't seem half as long.
Recently, I was asked what will I do when I retire. My friends reckoned that I would not be able to do nothing, in terms of work, anyway. How wrong they are. I will have worked 30 years longer than my original plan and I have a lot of making up of lost time to do!
What I will actually do, will depend on my family situation, if my other half can retire also. Plus of course my poor long suffering mother! She is now well on her way to being 85 but fitter than I am. She is still driving herself everywhere and playing golf twice a week.
I have warned her I have plans for my retirement and they don't include her. So she has three options, find a toy boy to look after her, enter a nunnery ( there are two beautiful ones, way up on the heights in Meteora, in Greece) or she can pop her clogs.  Needless to say none of these appeal to her. I really thought she'd like the quiet life in the monastery, among the rose gardens, but I heard her muttering something under her breath about a crowd of women living together.
 All things being equal, I would love to spend more time in Turkey, take photography and cookery classes, and read  and travel to my hearts content I dream of a 1st of September when I will go to school at the normal time but stand in the road and wave and nod to everyone going in the gate. Then I will go home, collect my bag and head for the airport.

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