Monday, February 28, 2011

Three Monkeys

Last night BBC4 showed Uç Maymun, Nuri Bilge Ceylans film Three Monkeys. It is an excellent  but dark film. It follows the lives of three people, a husband wife and son and how their life unfolds after the husband agrees to take the rap for his employer's crime.
 It is a tale of deceit and greed. Like the other two Ceylan's films, Distance and Climates it is a slow moving film. What struck me most is Ceylan's cinematography, his close up shots of the characters faces as their emotions shift, and the panoramic shots inside the apartment as well as outside.Again I'm struck by the violence shown to the female character, by her son, husband and lover.
Ceylan won Best Director at Cannes Film Festival 2008 for this film. Well worth the watch

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