Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Good Day!

Today was a good day.  Today I had the kind of day I look forward to having more of. Today I was one of the ladies who lunch. I met with two college friends, they are each others in laws and have had a recent bereavement. My friends were also my bridesmaids almost thirty years ago. Time and life have got in the way and I  have had only sporadic contact with one of them while the other has remained a close friend. Today we met up and the years melted away.
We immediately slipped back to the old friendship and spent the afternoon filling in the gaps, in addition to drinking copious cups of coffee. I've no idea if I'll sleep tonight from the caffeine high, not to mention the high of old friends chatting and being togother.
Following a very late lunch, I had time to nip to the bookshop. This year my hubbie seems to have lost  his aversion to "Hallmark....sorry... Valentine's Day and I was the proud possessor of book tokens, a much nicer present than roses! The pleasure lasts a lot longer.
 I spent a happy hour before the shop closed browsing and choosing. Of course, I couldn't resist temptation and I overindulged and spent a  little more than the tokens covered. I now have the new Richard North Patterson and Denis Lehane novels plus "Mennonite in a Little Black Dress" and another book I can't remember the title now, it's already stashed beside my bed ready for packing for my holidays.
The day just continued to get better. I rang another school friend who had two lumps removed from her arm two weeks ago.. She had been told it was definitely basal cell carcinoma, the only question was what stage was it at. The good news is it was not a carcinoma, she is clear.
Finally, I booked my summer holiday. School closes on June 30th. I leave home on July 1st and return August 28th the day before I go back to work. There are times I love being a teacher! My sister-in-law is coming out with my hubbie for three weeks and I have also booked tickets to fly to Ankara for 4 days. Safranbolu here we come!
My addiction to Turkey will be well fed in the coming months. I fly out in March for a week "to get the house ready" for my Mum, lol, any excuse! We are bringing her out  for Easter.  This will be only her second visit. She is 84 years young and I told her she could bring a little friend to play with. Someday that poor woman will snap and kill me!!
So I will be on a plane in two and a half weeks time, for a week.
Then I will have a three week wait and we go out for another two weeks.
Then 9 weeks later the summer is mine. 8 whole weeks of blue skies and sunshine, good food, good company......
Yes today was a good day.

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