Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Learning Turkish.

Well, it's on nights like this I know why I chose the title "The adventures of Crazy Girl" for my blog. I have just driven 200km after work to attend my weekly Turkish lesson.  Until two weeks ago, these classes were every Thursday evening but were then changed to every Wednesday,

I have been attempting to learn Turkish for 4 years now and have made slow progress from Beginners through to Intermediate level. It is said that up to 7 years of age is the optimum age for learning new languages. Where does that leave me, I began at 49 I use this as my excuse for my slow progress!

For four years I went to night classes in Trinity College Dublin. I got great delight in teasing my daughters that I was also a student in their university........ even if it was just for a couple of hours a week.  I was a university student.They humoured me while asking to see my student card!

My first teacher, was with us for three years and struggled mightily to beat grammar into my head. It was quite a challenge. It is amazing to think Turks can fit a whole sentence into one word by adding suffixes. At times the language is very logical and makes perfect sense and others I just want to bury my head in my arms and say "What in the name of God am I doing???" Unfortunately, she was under contract to the Turkish government and her contract ended a year ago and she was replaced.

This year four of us, who have been going to classes  together and are equally crazy, broke away from the main group and found a new teacher. We now enjoy a two hour session once a week in the bar of the Davenport Hotel, indulging in "dedikodu"- gossip as well as continuing the unending struggle with Turkish grammar.

A Turkish friend recently asked me was I still going to classes as, in her opinion, my Turkish has disimproved drastically. To which I replied "Thanks" She again asked me the same question and I said "Thank you very much"

You don't understand me, she cried. Oh I understand you very well, I replied. It was she who did not understand, my way of dealing with negative comments.

Again she asked why my Turkish had disimproved. I immediately gained brownie points when I replied "saftırığım' 'I'm  a blonde' She was truly impressed I knew this word, and reckoned there was still hope for me.

So once more this evening, straight after work, I got into my car and drove 100km to struggle with the book which I bought......the woman who was talking and just when I thought I was getting to grips with that we were challenged to put it in the objective case. Without a doubt "cilginim - I'm crazy!

And the worst thing of all is, because of the change in schedule, it won't be Friday when I get up in the morning :-(((((((  There are still two more days of work this week,  where I in my  turn will try to beat Irish into the more receptive heads of my class of six year olds. I understand their pain!

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