Thursday, February 13, 2014


I have spent the last two weeks stressing about packing my bag. I'm getting more like my mother everyday. And just like not being able to make a story short, I've never been able to travel "light", I am always on the uppermost limit.

This time, conscious that I will be dragging a suitcase around India and Nepal I was determined to succeed. I would love to be able to pack into a rucksack, but I'm not sure I would be able to get it onto my back let alone lug it around. A wheelie suitcase might make me stand out more but it is a hell of a lot more practical for me.

I laid out all the possible clothes on the bed. Long trousers and long sleeved shirts seem to be the recommendations for working in the school and better for India too.  Nepal would require hiking boots and warmer clothes even though I have no intentions of walking up mountains, I would need serious training for that. In addition to this, after school there will be time to relax by the pool or swim in the sea. There are also places to visit and the weather is hot. Different clothes required. Are people going to dress up for dinner in this five star hotel? The horns of my dilemma.

Time to be ruthless! I went through the clothes on the bed and discarded half, anything not cotton, not linen, cut too low etc. Proud of myself, I started putting everything into my medium size suitcase. Am I Mama Bear?  Once again I made another cut. Eventually I had it all packed in and I was under the allowed weight. I would wear my boots and a fleece travelling and buy warmer clothes in Nepal if required. Way to go Mama Bear.

But then the doubts set in. If I buy something where will I put it? No room for prezzies for the daughters? I was below my allowed luggage allowance but the case was full. I decided the bigger case didn't weigh much more so I would bring that one. Oops I have just become Dada Bear!
And how is it that when zipping up the bigger case one or two extra bits crept in? Once more, I had to  I had to review the situation!!!

How do you manage? Do you travel light or are you packed to the last gramme? Do you forget essentials  or bring things that later you ask yourself what did I do that for? Got any tips? I need someone to stand over me while packing saying no, no, NO!


  1. Hi mary .There is really only 1 solution to the packing problem , a sex change don't you know that it's great to b a man (so my house of women tell me ) you don't have to pack half aa much

    1. Ha, the last time you packed you were right on the limit because you packed all your clothes into a wood burning stove and checked it in. They are probably still talking about you in Bodrum airport. Think it stood out more than my big shiny blue suitcase. Actually remembering that I will stop stressing about packing in the future. That takes some beating!


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