Saturday, February 1, 2014

Post Retirement.....Retirement Post?

I retired last August and it feels like I am on a roller-coaster ever since. How used I have time to work? Pre-retirement, people asked me what would I do with all my free time. My answer was "Absolutely nothing" I  have always said I was born lazy, though the truth is I was born awkward, a breech birth no less, as I like to pace myself and take things easy.

According to my friends, I definitely would not be able to sit still.  Boy, they were wrong, they didn't know me at all, I thought. Every summer, the day after school closed, I would pack my bag, head for Bodrum and revel in being indolent for two months. After thirty five years working in the same small school, raising four daughters and volunteering in the local community, the thought of six months indolence was very enticing.

 Yes, I did have plans on how to spend my time, I would work on my photography skills, actually just sorting and cataloguing my photos would be at least a year's work. I looked forward to being able to travel at the drop of a hat, trying out new recipes, reading etc.

It turns out that my friends seem to know me better than I do myself. In five short months I have moved countries, renovated a house, joined a book group, a singing group and a knitting group. Ants in my pants, Energiser Bunny or what?  I have also signed up to volunteer in a school in Sri Lanka this month for four weeks. It will be a working holiday but hopefully a good way to travel, to give me a chance to experience local culture outside the bubble of the posh hotel. I have gone past the stage where mud huts have an appeal! This is my retirement present to myself.

Since I returned to Bodrum I  have found it hard to relax. I have been sorting out the house and there always seems to be something to be done. I sometimes take a guilty pleasure in watching tv in the late afternoon. Why in the name of God do I feel guilty? Why do I feel  all my time should be gainfully employed? When I was working, I enjoyed my weekends. They were for relaxation especially Sunday. I took time off without any guilt. Now everyday is the weekend and it is hard to set the two days aside to be indolent.

I don't make New Year's resolutions but I have decided to take myself in hand and give myself permission to make hay while the sun shines to be a grasshopper instead of an ant!

Yesterday was one such day. I went out for a walk and brought my camera. I bought a new camera in September but haven't had the chance to use it. So these are the results of my "grasshopper" day.

I never get tired of this view.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

.....because these were on the other side.

Unfortunately they showed no interest so he looks pretty dejected.
At this time of year Türkbükü reverts from being a high society resort to a sleepy fishing village.

One solitary table remains.

Everything is packed away until next season.
No I haven't arrived in Sri Lanka yet though the weather today made it seem like it.

Bringing home the catch.

Nets, rods, everyone is out to catch their dinner.

The whole family are involved.

Colourful nets.

The fishing village is being changed utterly, every spare inch of ground is under construction in spite of many houses for sale.

More infill.

These locals are also having a grasshopper day


Who wouldn't feel serene when looking at this view?

I wasn't the only one roaming with a camera.

These preferred a chat.

While the weather was wonderful today there is evidence of the previous night's thunder storm.

Away from the beach...

Looking back down on the village.

My new boots have had their first outing. I need to break them in before arriving in Nepal. 

Finally, it is back to work

Time to fire up the barbecue!


  1. Replies
    1. I agree totally! Even though it is hard on those who depend on tourism for their living, I far prefer to be here out of season.

  2. Great post Mary, your photos remind me of why I miss Turkey, I can't wait to be back in "Tir na nog".

  3. I never thought of this place as Tïr na nÓg Noreen but you are right. It feels like it adds years to your life, and time passes much more enjoyably when you have these blues skies in January.


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