Friday, July 15, 2011

An early morning walk.

Wednesday morning I was up at 07.30. Hubbie was peacefully snoring so I slipped out of bed grabbed the camera and set out for a walk. Early morning is a great time for photos as the streets are quiet.
I knocked on Metin's door. He is also an early riser. He is used to being up at 6 to water the gardens.
Sure enough, he was up and dressed, camera in hand and ready to go.

Metin at the garden gate.

We met Servet in the garden and she suggested walking down the canyon. Great idea, though I had slight reservations about walking back up. I had gone for a walk with Metin once, up the hills behind our house and had to pretend I needed to stop and take photos just to catch my breath. What overweight 53 year old woman wants to let a young fit "hunk" know she is on the point of expiration on what is to him a "gentle slope"

Setting off down the hill

My morning walk was everything I love about Turkey. The quiet streets, the greetings exchanged as people begin to make their way to work and plenty of fodder for my camera. I showed Metin how to use the macro button on his camera. He is a fast learner.  He is also a fast walker!

Metin practises his Macro shots.
 I took my time struggling to get the shots I want. It is back to the manual time for me. I was so frustrated. Across the canyon, were the beautiful old houses of Safranbolu but the sun was in the wrong position.

The light was wonderful but made it hard to get clear shots on the other side. I loved the lighting on the leaves.
Even Auto wasn't doing it for me!! Metin rambled on ahead and I soon lost sight off him. Not to worry, we were both happy doing our own thing and we would meet back at the konak.

The following are a few of the photos I captured that morning.

This man was happy to have his photos taken as he was on his way to work.

And this lady didn't know her photo was been taken. (I'm going to have to give in and learn to use Photoshop, I like my photos to show what is actually there but too many overhead cables in Turkey. Other sister-in-law will be delighted to hear my admission)

This is cannoneer's bridge, the small sign says this house is for sale.

And a comfy seat while you wait your turn to view.

The house for sale is not the only one with outdoor seating.

Everywhere you see evidence of outdoor seating.

These houses are all protected by UNESCO

Who else did I encounter on my walk?
Someone is keeping a watchful eye
A bee has a feast

Hard to distinguish this cat from the road
Another beautiful old house.

Some of the newer houses

One of the newer mosques
Old buildings, modern technology

Shutters don't preclude window boxes.
Experimenting with the art scenes on the camera.
Pinhole and b/w
  "We are all in the gutter.........
Flowers growing through the cobbles
 ................but some of us are looking at the stars" Oscar Wilde
Microflight, these pass over Safranbolu on a regular basis. The idea has been planted. Metin will fly, more of that in my next post. 
Finally we are back in a garden and relax with Servet before breakfast.
Sis-in-law tries to remove the ghostly look from her legs

Metin relaxes before breakfast, normally his busy time delivering bread and newspapers.
 He ponders on the microflight!

Servet joins in the fun.


  1. Thanks for taking us on a stroll. Wonderful images.

  2. Lovely post! I felt like I was walking with you...I love the old houses, they are fantastic. I especially like the pics of all the windows. Keep walking!

  3. Amazing images! Thank you for posting Mary!

  4. What a lovely pictorial morning stroll Ive just had with you - thanks Mary :)

  5. I loved the outdoor seating! Thanks for the photographs! :)

  6. Absolutely loved these...The outdoor seating, the lovely houses...just a very beautiful country.

  7. Hi Mary -

    I would have been in heaven growing up in an area like this with all the walls, hills, cliffs, ect.... to climb. I probably would have been in a lot of trouble growing up there also. I love all your wonderful photos Mary. :)


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