Sunday, July 17, 2011

Microflight over Safranbolu

As I said in an earlier post Metin was intrigued by the microlight. İ had seen brochures for it on the desk at reception.

He asked Servet about it and she said she thought it was not that expensive for the basic flight, perhaps about 50tl. Metin decided he would do it in spite of Hubbie and Sis-in-law thinking he had taken leave of his senses. İ would love to do it but an irrational fear of heights put the brakes on my enthusiasm.

Servet rang the company and they said that he could fly either after eight that night or 06.30 the following morning. Well, after eight would not be any good for taking photos and 06.30 a.m. would be very early.

The pilot then said it would be possible if we came now. He would come and get Metin.
We all wanted to go to see him fly. We decided to follow them in the car to the take off site.

The microlight looked like nothing more than a double buggy with wings. He was a brave man going up in this. İt was 100tl for ten minutes but he reckoned it would be worth it. Some things in life just have to be done once.

Soon he was geared up. Crash helmet on complete with microphone, maybe this would be necessary to tell the pilot to turn back. I hoped he had a clean pair of trousers with him.

I'll have to say I was envious. I wished I had the nerve, a bit of encouragement and I'd go up too. In the meantime a group of three arrived who were also considering their options. I put on my zoom lens and walked down the "runway" You'll have to forgive the abysmal footage I took. It was the first time I shot video using this camera and the zoom lens weighs a ton. But it will give you an idea of what it was like.


The second bit of footage was taken by the pilot. It is a steadier but terribly short.


Metin returned safe and sound and on an absolute high. He was working on me to "fly" He asked the pilot was I likely to have a heart reassuring!! I was so tempted, if I got really scared I would be the only one up there and the pilot could turn around and bring me back. 
Hubbie and Sis-in-Law were looking at me like I had two heads. Maybe Hubbie was counting on that insurance policy. It is a joint account so maybe he decided it was time for him to collect. However the pilot was going up I would definitely want to take photos.  I will have to wait for another time. 

Ready for takeoff.

Up and away

You can see the runway and the shed in the top middle of the picture.

The new town of Safranbolu

If you look at the house in the triangle you can see Degirmenci Konak where we stayed. We ate breakfast under the parasol.

This photo isn't as clear, probably the vibration of the Microlight but again you can see Degirmenci Konak, with the triangular garden.
Photo taken by the pilot. The camera is on the end of the stick

Proof it is Metin who went up. His friends will be very impressed.

Coming in to land.

Almost there.....sorry for pic quality. Had my zoomlens on and was having trouble keeping the plane in the photo.

Ready to touch down

Safe and sound

Victory salute.
Many thanks to Metin for the blog fodder for this post and his photos from the air.


  1. Looks awesome and indeed terrifying! I agree though, with a little encouragement.....

  2. If I ever have the chance, I'm going to try the microlight. I para-glided from a hill over a lake last year and I'd do it again - but for a longer time. If you ever can overcome your horror of heights, this is more than worth it. At least you got some great photos that may inspire others to try it.

  3. That is so cool! I have flown small planes, but to fly something like that... not sure I'd be able to do it either. But those views are sure tempting me!

  4. The pictures are wonderful but seeing them flying in that scary looking thing made my palms sweaty!

  5. So cool - someday - if I get the chance.


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