Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Squeezing the Lemons......to make Lemonade.

I'm sitting looking at a blank screen wondering what I should write. It feels that for the last few weeks I've been so busy I have had little time for my blog and worse, little time to read the blogs I love to follow especially my PBAU friends. If you have time stop by and check out their blogs.
We upload a new post every Tuesday and Friday. But all I have done is make excuses for the last couple of weeks. I have reposted a couple of old posts begging forgiveness and pleading a heavy schedule. None of it lies but I hate making excuses. I was sure that once I had passed the magic date of July 1st, everything would fall into place and I would have lots of time. I'm feeling kind of grumpy but am fed up of complaining.
My week has not gone as planned. I have entertained notions of double homicide hoping to plea bargain it to justifable manslaughter.  I have only managed twice to get to the swimming pool  twice and no chance yet to get to the beach.  The days have been a round of cleaning the house, sorting house insurance, opening a new bank account etc. There are still some jobs remaining but please God they will be finished by Friday.
On the other hand:

  • The weekly market which used to be a five minute walk down and an optimistic 10 minute hike back up the hill ,with several kilos of fresh vegetables and fruit on my back, is now just over the road.
  • The weather is beautiful, uninterrupted blue skies, I have forgotten what the colour grey looks like.
  • The house insurance is paid.
  • The new bank account has been opened.
  • My fridge is stocked with home-made lemonade, freshly squeezed orange juice and lovely juicy cherries.
  • We have received funding for a new "Comenius" project. This is a funded project for European schools to work together. All but one of the schools in our group got approval so for the next two years my school will work with schools in England,Poland Spain and Turkey. Unfortunately the Bulgarian school did not received funding. Our project is called "Our Place in Space" and we have a programme planned for the next two years.  As project co-ordinator  I will travel to all these schools over the next two years:-))
  • I wake up to this view every morning

  • In spite of supreme provocation,the Sis-in-law is still alive but Hubbies days are numbered. On opening our new bank account today we were informed we had to make a one-off payment for insurance. This is mandatory for all new accounts. I pricked my ears up when I heard there was a death benefit. The bank teller was quick to reassure  Hubbie that he was safe, the benefit is 10,000tl, at present rates this is just over €4,000. But who knows, this would still keep me for the best part of a year here if I lived quietly.


  1. If nothing else, you have that gorgeous view! And some lemonade.

  2. Methinks I will be making a lot of lemonade in the next couple of weeks Thom. Luckily there is no shortage of people to drink it.

  3. Just sit and enjoy the view while drinking your lemonade. The hubby? Bah, go read what I miss about mine on my Wedding Anniversary. You'd have to go, "OK, maybe it's not too bad." ;-) Besides, husbands are always useful for lifting heavy stuff and rescuing one from spiders!
    Josie x

  4. Think I'll put a shot of something in the lemonade Josie, Hubby is okay, it's only when teamed with the Sis my thoughts turn murderous:-)

  5. Oh yes; I would go for the view and forget everything else. And lemonade is always such a blessing.

    Welcome again! And + points for our club; certainly turned out to be one of the best I have been a part of!

  6. Oh what a view! That would totally make me forget about homicide....briefly, hehehehe.... ;-))

  7. WOW! =) I loved how you turned this post around and focused on the positives, Mary. What an important lesson! I, too, have had the most chaotic week, especially because I'm getting ready for a weeklong trip to Ecuador, but it's so good to be reminded that I should take stock of the beauty too. =) Hugs! Thanks, Mary!

  8. Mary,
    What a great post! Love your sense of humour - it must be what is keeping you going with Sis-in-Law and Hubbie in tow. And that view to kill for - or should I say, given your frame of mind - to die for? So you stacked up the pros vs. the cons and the former won. So far. Keep in touch whenever you can.
    P.S. I'm sure that you're not the only one to fall behind with or repeat posts. I also plead guilty.

  9. Thanks Penelope. Trying times but I'm hanging on in there. A view to kill for or to die for, a difficult question. In my present mood, to kill for seems like a good option, but only if I can get away with it. To die for???? Not me, I've got too many other views I want to see:-)

  10. Hi Mary -

    Hehehe I enjoy reading the "mad thoughts" of Mary. Not enough money on that insurance policy though :P.

  11. I am still laughing at that last bullet! :D Arsenic, lemonade, and sun? Loved it!


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