Saturday, April 30, 2011

Arrival in Bodrum.

We had a smooth flight and I wasn’t suffering any after-effects from this morning. Our bags came through without any bother and now all we had to do was pick up our rental car Normally we rented from the same company all the time. However, a friend  uses a different company and had recommended them highly. So we decided to try them. Their quotation was about 90 euros cheaper so we decided to try them.  When we came outside the arrival building there was no-one there to meet us. Being sick in the morning I had forgotten to put the company’s telephone number into my phone. I thought maybe they were waiting for us at the international terminal, but I had no way of contacting them. I rang Metin, our caretaker and friend, to see if he could access my email to get contact details for us.
In the meantime Sean was talking to a guy who used to bring our rental car to the airport. He has now gone into business for himself. He was earning 750 lira a month from the other company, but the work was only 6 months of the year. He now has a wife and baby to support so he has gone into business himself with his brother. He offered us a car, for a cheaper price. While worrying that the our man would turn up we decided to take up his offer. His cars were at the international terminal. He brought Sean over to get the car. The next thing a van pulled up. It was the man who had the car we booked. He was waiting for us at the wrong terminal. I wasn’t impressed because I had told him that we would be at the domestic terminal
Sean then pulled up with Tufan. Tufan said there was no problem so we went with the original booking. But we will certainly give him business in the future. We were brought to the nearest petrol station where we waited for our car. It turned out to be a diesel Renault Megane. It was to be ours until Friday and then we would get the car we had booked. They were busy. I wished they had told us.
We packed the car up and we were on our way. An hour later than planned we were home!

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