Monday, April 4, 2011

Legally Blonde.

If you are a blonde who is tired of Blonde jokes, read no further. It could seriously damage your mental health!

 When I was younger I was a natural blonde. However, from the time I started having my hair cut shorter, my hair started to darken to mousy brown. Now I feel the need to visit the hairdressers on a regular basis, to return to that blonde of my childhood.

It is not because of the few encroaching grey hairs around my temples, that I have my hair highlighted, ageing does not worry me.
I need a "logical" answer for the frequent exasperated cry of " For God's sake why can't you remember  where you  you left  your keys"
My reply........I'm BLONDE, what do you expect!!
I have even gone so far as to learn the Turkish equivalent "saftrığım'  because I am asked the same questions, along with a with a few more in the same vein, in Turkish. Not fair to stereotype blondes like this, I know but....

My keys have several keyrings hanging out of them to make the bunch easier to find but still they manage to elude me. Maybe people are trying to have me committed by hiding my keys to make me think I'm going nuts! It is not possible for a person to have their keys in their hand one minute and find they've completely disappeared the next. It must be a conspiracy.

Luckily for me, people don't realise how often I have to ring my phone to find it.
 My new car  has a fancy radio with bluetooth - well it's fancy for me anyway - my last car was a teenager and got stroppy and was consigned to the scrapheap. The radio in it wasn't worth saving. When I turn on the ignition I can see if the phone is connected.  I can rest easy knowing that it is somewhere about my person, or in my bag. (My bag is a whole other story. I have to have a big bag,  putting your hand into it is a bit of a risk. In the natural world, it has it's own special habitat classification.)

Back to topic! I was always a bit ditsy ......or disorganised. These days it seems to be worse. Last Thursday I was trying to turn off the overhead projector in school and it wouldn't switch off.  I thought that maybe the battery in the remote control was gone. I looked down at my hand and thanked God I was teaching the little ones. If the older classes had seen me trying to switch off the projector with my  car keys, they would not have let me live it down for a long time.

So, no insult to blondes intended, but I use my blonde hair as an excuse for my lack of attention, poor short term memory, encroaching age, senior moments, failing mental health. How is that for stereotyping!

 I have been feeling guilty for my labelling of blondes, but unable to think of another excuse for my ditsyness I did not know what to do about it, how to move on! However on Friday I had a Eureka! moment, I found the perfect answer.

It speaks for insult to monkeys intended!!


  1. Hi, Thank you for your interest in my blog. I had a look at your website, but unfortunately - maybe due to those missing bits - I can't read Chinese. Yes, I'm Irish and live in Ireland, but I run away to Turkey any chance I get.

  2. I am a natural and enhanced blog (grey cover, high lights ect...) and all the sterotypes are true...I am embrace them, and you are welcome sister to embrace the pain of them too <3 LOL Very cute post!!!

    And I hope no monkies get offended! <3

  3. I know exactly how many gray hairs I have - all of them. I'm not aging though - just becoming more distinguished. Great post.

  4. Great post! After my transplant I went full grey fox. I was all brown hair in december and after it grew back i was grey. Now I too have a great excuse for forgetting things :)
    I had to laugh at the visual of you trying to turn the projector off with your keys.
    great post!

  5. Sometimes I just say my brain fell out. . . no one gets offended and occasionally people will offer to let you know if they find it lying around somewhere. . .

  6. Lol! We Indians are a black haired tribe and we are no way near to blonde! But yes, I see the media jokes targeted and got the whole thing...really, I know some smart blondes! Labeling is such an evil! ;)

  7. My husband tries to tell me that my gray hair "just looks blonde." He's not fooling me at all and this why I dye my hair every 4-5 weeks! :)

  8. I remember this post and thought I commented on it a while back. Oh well, I forgot what I said but this post is still funny. Nothing wrong with going back to your roots! ha ha


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