Sunday, April 3, 2011

My First Blog Award, an award to share.

I woke up this morning to discover that Cathy Tittle from ~just my thoughts has shared The Versatile Blogger Award she received with me. What an honour! Thank you Cath. It is much appreciated.
 I'm not a writer but so many funny things happen to me on my travels that I decided to start writing them down. I certainly don't consider that what I write is award worthy but I now have a warm fuzzy glow. What a way to begin my day.

On receipt of this award , I have to tell you seven things about myself, not a problem but Oh my God, I have to share this with 7 other bloggers and send them a message to let them know I am sharing this with them.  As I said, I am new to blogging, until recently most of my reading matter came between two covers and some of my favourite blogs are well established, have received multiple prestigious awards and I have two followers......seems cheeky to me. I just have to tell myself they started out somewhere.
Ok seven things about me

  1.  I’m a dinosaur, I have been in the same job for the past 33 years. I teach primary school children, as a matter of fact I have taught the children of my pupils. My aim  is to retire before that becomes the grandchildren of  these pupils. I’ve spent my life following the straight and narrow but now the cilgin kiz (crazy girl) is leaking out of my pores.....mid –life crisis , hold on to your hats!!!!!
  2.  I have a three-track mind but all on the same subject. Travel. I’m happiest when I have a bag in my hand and pointed in the direction of the nearest airport The bag needs to contain a camera, my netbook and a good novel. Everything else is irrelevant!
  3.  I always have a plan or should I say a new scheme on the back burner. Nine times out of ten the plan doesn’t work out. So a good cry is required and then plan B, C, D,...........
  4.   I love coming up with new ideas, it’s not safe to leave me in a corner on my own for too long.  I’m terrible on follow through. Once it’s up and running it is time to move on and leave someone else to do the boring work. Hence my hatred of housework, ironing, grocery shopping.....
  5.   I have an irreverent sense of humour which has often got me into trouble. Even when I was in my early twenties, my parents were apologising for me and reckoned I was a cuckoo in the nest.hatred of housework, ironing, grocery shopping.....
  6. I was born a drama queen. Turned at the last moment and was born breech. I don’t know how to cut a long story short but have no difficulty making a short story long. Follow my blog and this will soon be apparent.
  7. This being Mother’s Day in Ireland, it only seems fitting to finish by saying the whole world seems to see me as a Mom. I see myself as an overgrown teenager, a free spirit, an adventurer, but everyone else sees me as the listening ear, the sorter outer,  the comforter. To sum up in my family's words “I’m the Glue” not such a bad thing
The seven bloggers I want to share this with,  and I hope they forgive my temerity are 
  1. Billfredo at Arse about Fez  my first introduction to a blog. This is an Englishman's view on life in Turkey and will have you rolling in the aisles
  2. Cenk at Cafe Fernando  a wonderful food blog from Istanbul with wonderful recipes, and photos. His purslane salad with  yoghurt, garlic and ginger dressing is yummy.
  3. Jack and Liam at Perking the Pansies a tale of Expat life on the Bodrum peninsula in Turkey
  4. Corinne at Everyday Gyaan. Her positive attitude is inspiring
  5. Darren at Digital Photography School This blog is a wonderful help as I struggle to move away from the auto setting on my camera. The ideas and exercises are inspiring.
  6. The Loerzels at Rock the Kasbah This is also the tale\ of expat life in Morocco
  7. Kalpana at If the World is flat why am I on Edge 
I hope you drop by these blogs and enjoy them the way I do.

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