Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm a Guest Blogger!

On Tuesday, I did my first ever guest post  for Lucy at Life Through Lucylastica's Lense.  Lucy is a very versatile lady, one of my favourite bloggers, who reckons she is coming into her own. She blogs about her everyday life. She has made the transition from townie to "culchie" while setting up a very successful new business Jigsaw Care Services

Lucy has hosted a wonderful series called Chooseday Choons. Guest Bloggers choose a "choon" and tell why the tune is special to them. So if you want to know what my choice is click on this link and all will be revealed. This is the last in Lucy's "choons" series but, in the wake of her fans disappointment, she has hinted at the possibility of some one-off specials.


  1. 'Culchie' ...that's not a word I've heard before. Though I have to say, said with an Irish lilt I don't know why Dubliners would think it woould upset anyone! x

  2. Lucy, in Ireland the term "culchie" comes from the word agricultural and is used mainly by Dubliners for people living outside their city. I'm also a culchie and loving it.


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