Thursday, September 29, 2011

Interactive Post. Come on, Lurkers Show Yourselves.

Lately I have noticed more traffic to my blog. Who comes calling, I don't always know. Yesterday I had 108 page views but there were no comments to let me know who dropped by or what they thought of my blog. In an effort to "flush out" my visitors I'm going to steal, that is, I mean, borrow, an idea from Miranda Sherman at Moms Bookshelf and More.
She called her post "Getting to Know Me" I should call mine "Getting to Know You"  as well as getting to know me of course. It is an interactive post.

This is how it works.

  1. Ask me a question, anything...well obviously not quite anything, there are some things even I won't discuss in public. 
  2. Be sure to leave your name and a link to your website/your email address.
  3. I will "edit" this post by answering your questions in a numbered format.
  4. Answers will be numbered, named and linked to your website.
  5. So a win win situation for all of us
  6. Fun for me, I may get to know the "silent" majority, what you think of my blog, good or bad and you will possibly get more traffic to your site through links.
So here's hoping some of my visitors break their silence and ask some questions and  I don't end up with egg on my face with no responses.

  1.  Hello Jan  @ Weathering the storm.and welcome. I know you didn't have a question so I have one for you. How did you find your way here? I have had a quick look at your blogs and I'm looking forward to a more in depth read. I particularly like your poem in todays post.  Your photo of the mist on the mountains is stunning
  2. Hi Samantha @ What Little Things. To answer your first question, of course you can.  But then it was not my idea in the first place, and as they say "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" As for your second question, I haven't really lived abroad but I do spend two months months every summer in Turkey as well a week here and there. My best memory is, and it is an ongoing one, the look on peoples faces when they realise I speak Turkish. I look like the typical blonde "aging" tourist, overweight, fair skinned and these days usually some part of me not working...shoulders, knee back, ankle. Then I open my mouth and I speak understandable Turkish. Faces soften and attitudes change. I get called "abla" or "teyze" I'd prefer more of the first thank you. Abla is big sister, teyze, aunt. It's used for older ladies.
  3. Thank you Janine @ Reflections from a Red Head. I wish I could claim credit for the idea but that is definitely down to Miranda @ Moms Bookshelf and More. To answer you first question, (jeez that's you and Sam with two. I thought you'd both have had enough of me rattling on) it would have to be two posts. the first one being June Blizzard hits the Sunny South East Of Ireland because it typifies my normal life. The second would be Ihlara Valley because it is a mix of my travels in Turkey and my photography. Your second question, is that an invitation to contribute? Gulp!! How can I follow those wonderful contributors? But if it is I'll try to rise to the occasion.
  4. Marie, Rock the Kasbah, Thank God! An easy question, though one that inspires longing for the old days. I wish my answer was briefs, it used to be. Now I'm more of a Brigid Jones kind of girl!                                                                                           Off to work now to earn the daily crust. I'll be back later, hopefully there will be more easy questions. I'll have to say though it's kinda fun!
  5. Gattina @ Writer's Cramps Congratulations on five years of blogging. I wonder if I will be blogging for    such a long time
  6. Lucy @ Life Through LucyLastica's Lense  While I hope to explore a lot more of the world.....roll on retirement......if  I  could only one visit one more place in the world it would have to be back out to my place in Turkey. It is home,  but at the same time it is my escape. It is uncluttered, unlike home. Many of my favourite books, music and DVDs are there. The weather is so much nicer than home. I would also make sure if it is the last time I travel, I would only have a one-way ticket.
  7. Kara@  this question made me stop and think. My initial reaction was that I wouldn't bring anyone with me. I'd like to be there on my own. Then mature reflection told me that I might have no electricity, no shelter and might not be sure what I could eat. So I would bring Bear Grylls. He would get me organised, build me a tip top shelter in the palms. Liam Clancy  He had  the most beautiful mellow voice, I'd listen to him sing and tell stories all day.  Tom Hanks as Chuck Noland in Castaway  has at least four years experience in survival so he can give me some tips  and last it would be a toss up between Gordon Ramsey  to feed me or MacGyver who could get out of the tightest situation with a bit of chewing gum and a piece of string.   
  8. Muriel@40blogSpot    I feel at home wherever I'm surrounded by my own things. I live in the South East of Ireland and I'm definitely at home here. We are "blow ins" in the village we live in in spite of being here for over 30 years. I feel equally at home in my house in Bodrum because I'm surrounded by my own things. In spite of itchy feet I'm a nester. So whether it is for two months or thirty years, wherever there is a comfy couch,  my books on a bookshelf  and some bright light coming in a window, I'm home. 
  9. Alan @TBAOO Go on be daring! I act my shoe size and deal with 4 year olds on a daily basis so I do silly very well. As for personal, well if it;s too personal I'll just fudge it. Anyway, my life is an open blog. 
  10. Far Side@Far Side of Fifty I'm 53. As for the red and purple together, have you heard of Jenny Josephs poem Warning. It explains the red and purple.  There is even a Red Hat Society but that will be a future post:-)  
  11. Welcome Jim from Holes in my Soles. I enjoy travelling the world with you.
  12. Hi Lalia from Skank Rattle and Roll We ended up in Turkey quite by chance. Hubbie and I found ourselves in a position to go away on a package holiday.  We were 17 years married and had only been abroad once since we got married. Four children in five years didn't leave much in the kitty for travel. I went into the travel agents and told the lady I wanted to go to Corfu in August. She looked at me and said "No way." She wouldn't book it for us. When I asked why, she told me I would be like a granny there. I wouldn't enjoy it. In August it would be full of British lager louts. Lanzarote was my next choice. She slapped a postcard of Playa des Ingles on the desk and asked me what did I think of it. I replied "not much" I was told that was the right answer. She said it was crowded, noisy and full of drug addicts. I gave up and asked where was I allowed to go. She suggested Turkey and recommended the Marmaris area. I was certainly a case of the travel agent lady knowing her customers. We had an absolutely wonderful holiday, mixture of sun, sea, historical places, wonderful food and great shopping.


  1. Well this wont be helpful for you. This is actually the first time I have visited your blog and the video didn't work.My name is Jan, I have 3 blogs, one that I write about my journey in life, a photo blog,because I love to take photos and share them, one that is my mother's photos of pictures she has taken over the last 50 years
    because they deserve to be out of the photo album.
    Weathering the storm-
    Photos by Jan-
    Photos taken by Ruth Jones Vanderhoof (my mother):

    I will be reading so me of your back posts to get to know you a little better

  2. What a great idea, Mary! =) May I borrow this idea from you for one of my posts? Might be cool to get questions on Peru! =)

    My question for you is: So far, what is your best memory of living abroad?

    My name's Samantha (you knew that, right? Hehe!) and my website is at =)

    Thanks so much for this opportunity to share and learn more about you, Mary! =)

  3. Fantastic idea Mary!

    My question for you - what is the post that sums your blog and you up the best, especially for the new readers?

    I'm Janine, your fellow PBAU member hehe. My blog is

    Oh another question!!! Will you be joining me for 'The Beauty of Difference'?


  4. The problem with me is that I blog already since 2006 and most of my commenters know me by now. I don't remember how I found your blog probably through a meme.

  5. Love this idea, though as a fellow PBAU'er I feel I know you quite well already...If you could only visit one more place on earth, would it be somewhere you've already been or somewhere you're yet to experience?

  6. What a great idea! I'm going to go the with old "deserted island" question. If you were stuck on a deserted island, what 4 people would you want there with you?

  7. Oh! My blog is

  8. So, Mary, my question would be: where do you feel at home? Where is home?
    This is Muriel from 40blogSpot
    Thanks for this post!

  9. Hi! How old are you? I was 60 a short time you wear purple and red together..I hate purple it is an old lady color ( Just my opinion):)

  10. I've been across a couple of times to read. So I guess I'm lurking.....:-)

  11. Hi Mary. Friend and fellow PBAUer Lalia at here. I have had a question on my mind since I started reading your blog actually! That is, how did it come to be that you chose to visit Turkey the first time?

  12. This was a wonderful idea Mary! I loved reading the post... :D


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