Monday, September 5, 2011

Versatile Blogger Mark 2

Now here's the dilemma. When they bring out a new version of a car it becomes Mark 2. It is usually the new improved version. When they bring out a second film, Home Alone 2 or Die Hard 2 it rarely lives up to the first one. I have now just received my second Versatile Blogger Award from Janine Ripper at Reflections from a Redhead..  Janine is an amazing photographer and has also begun a series of posts about the Beauty of Difference.

As for my award I'm wondering is it Versatile Blogger Mark 2 or Versatile Blogger 2. There's a world of difference. Perhaps I received this award for how versatile I am with the English language. In spite of frequent editing, I remain queen of typos and have invented a whole new version of the language to include new grammar rules, especially those pertaining to commas,,,,,,,,, Definitely versatile I think!!

Everything comes at a price! As part of Award I must:
    1. Thank the person who gave me the award. Thank you Janine. I do appreciate it. It is always nice to be recognized.
    2. Share 7 things about myself
    3. Pass the Award onto 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know (Whoa, this really is Mark 2, the last time I got this award it was 7 blogs.)
Right, seven things about me.

  1. I've been in school since I was four and I'm still in Junior Infants. I've managed to get into higher classes. I even went to college, but now I'm back in Junior Infants with the four year olds.  I'm actually on the other side of the desk now. Well, a lot of the time I'm on the floor and wondering how I'll get back up.
  2. I took up Hatha Yoga this summer - this will definitely be the subject of a later post. Just wait until you see the photos. Am I versatile or what?
  3. I have five brothers and I am an only girl. I always wanted a sister and Dad sure tried hard but all I got was a younger brother! Hence, I grew up with a Princess Complex. I'm definitely more comfortable in the company of men than women.
  4. I was an entrepreneur at the age of 6. I had three "Auntie Nuns" and an uncle a priest - my Dad's family. (You can see why he had to have 5 sons to keep the family name alive.) In spite of repeated warnings not to ask for money in front of friends, one day when my friend Helen arrived, I asked Mum for money to buy sweets. Well let's just say she was not versatile, she was volatile. There was an almighty explosion. To cut a long story short, I collected up all the "God Bless Baby" pictures that were beautifully handstitched and went door to door selling them. There were quite a few, 3 auntie nuns, 6 kids. You can do the maths. We had a party, we bought the sweets and ate them. But someone snitched. End of my entrepreneurial career as well as no pocket money for a month.
  5. I'm an avid reader. Until I took up blogging I always had my nose stuck in a book. Now it's usually stuck in the computer. But I got off to a slow start. I moved school at the age of 7 and couldn't read like the other kids could. Dad took me in hand, I caught up and took off. I had my bedside lamp taken from me for a week at the age of 10. I got caught reading Enid Blyton's "Hollow Tree House" at four o'clock in the morning.  
  6. I'm a stubborn old git. If I want something, I keep looking for a way to get it or to make it happen. If I'm right (and I always am) I won't let go. I will listen. If you can persuade me I'm wrong, okay, but you will have your work cut out for you. You better be a trained barrister, prepared to argue the hind leg off a dog, because you are wrong to start with!
  7.  I think I'm Jekyll and Hyde. I love to celebrate, to live life to have fun, but on one condition, that built into every day there is time and space to be alone and quiet for a little while. 
 On consideration of all of the above, I am definitely verbose, oops sorry versatile. Now that is definitely enough about me. I'm going to cheat on the next bit. Some of the blogs that I would have chosen have been "hijacked" by my blogging buddies who got there first. Some of the blogs that I'm going to recommend don't accept awards but they are well worth dropping by. So instead to giving them the award, I'm giving them my recommendation. So in no particular order:


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, your writing, your highly visual stories about yourself (the entrepreneur!), your family, that you're a stubborn old git, and sadly, no. 5 that you are not reading since taking up blogging. I realize it's a struggle (that I share), but try not to let one take over from the other as you will lose other important friends, your books.

    Congrats on taking up the challenge. It's almost too much to handle.

  2. Quite the little entrepreneur! I'm surprised you didn't come up with a plan to buy a new lamp for the one that was taken away.

    Thanks so much for the recommendation! I have received that award twice, and I don't have anybody left to give it to. I guess I should put it in my sidebar.

  3. Thanks so much for recommending me, Mary.What I most admire about your blog, apart from the many subecjts, is your style. I think, I detect a kindred spirit.

  4. How did I miss your post? Oh it was only yesterday right..hehe. Thanks for the lovely shout out : )I'm still getting used to being called a 'photographer'.

    As to your discovery of Hatha Yoga - isn't it just fabulous! Nothing relaxes me like it...I so need to get back into it.

  5. Especially love your entrepreneurial childhood tale :-)

  6. Hey Mary,

    This is so wonderful..the award fever going around the group! :)

    Loved knowing more about you!Stubborn old git sounds so not true! Very hard to get that1

  7. Ha ha! Love the entrepreneurial stories. There is not an adventurous bone in my body. And I loved Enid Blyton too.
    Stella x

  8. I do admire you for teaching 4-year olds...And I have given you a Liebster award on my blog too. Good luck with the little ones.

  9. Congrats on your well deserved award! You must have a lot of patience working with the young ones but it sounds like fun, too! Bless your generous heart for your recommendations. It looks like I have a lot of reading to do, too! :p

  10. Oh, Mary, how lovely are you?!

    Thanks for the shout-out. And I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who went door to door selling things as a child...



  11. Thank you very much ! I am so sorry to answer so late, but somehow your email disappeared at the end of 400 emails, so today when I started to delete I suddenlys saw that I hadn't answered yours ! Really I feel very honnored !

  12. Thanks so much for the bloggy-love! I enjoy traveling vicariously through you via your lovely blog.
    I enjoyed learning more about you!

  13. Penelope, Val, Lucy, Stella, the only pity of my entrepreneurial story is that my parents killed my natural born talent at such an impressionable age. I could be a millionaire now!
    Val, Pearl,Gattina, Tifffany,and Inka, the recommendations are well deserved. I'd fallen behind with my blog reading over the summer months. What can I say. I'm a grasshopper but I'm trying to learn from the ant. Back to work, routine etc. so back to my blog reading too.
    Muriel, thank you for the award, I'll be getting a swollen head soon!

  14. Gee, Mary! I'm honoured to be named amongst such great bloggers. Thank you for passing along the reward :)

  15. Kara, I love your blog to me you are a great blogger. I wasn't reading during the summer, I had no time, I was on holidays:-)Normality has now been restored.

  16. Great blog and content. Thanks
    God Bless You


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