Friday, August 19, 2011

My Seven Deadly Links

My Seven Deadly Links

My thanks to both Penelope Pennie James of Don't hang Up and Joy Page Manuel of Catharis for landing me in this predicament.  What predicament you might ask? They tagged me for the #My 7  Deadly Links challenge. I have to choose seven of my posts under 7 specific categories, and then nominate four more victims.

Now that sounds as if I view this as a negative exercise. It most definitely isn't.  I am honoured to be chosen. I belong to Personal Bloggers are Us . This is a group of seriously good writers. I slipped in by the back door, wondering sometimes what I'm doing here. So to be in such company is daunting but I reckon they need someone for light relief now and know, like my Dad used to read our comics when sitting on the loo. That's me, the light relief, but as I say all God's creatures got a place in the choir!

So  to my seven posts.

My Most Beautiful post. This has to be one of my photo posts. It was harder to narrow down than I thought. I was caught between the historical richness of Turkey and lushness of the Irish countryside. In the end it was a tie between two posts one situated in Cappadocia, the other in the county they call "The Kingdom." Killarney, Co. Kerry  in the south west of Ireland. I chose Killarney one because of the beauty of the countryside. It is just such a pity we have to get so much rain to produce the 40 shades of green.

My Most Popular post is Photo Safari Goreme This was one of the first posts I wrote. It was part of a series I wrote for Turkish Living Forum about our holiday to Cappadocia and Mardin. I was encouraged to write a blog in case the forum ever crashed and I lost my posts. The rest is history. While this post has the highest number of page views it has no comments. I think it is mainly viewed by those planning to travel to this region.

My Most Controversial post! Hmmm. I don't do controversial. But I have to choose something.  So I chose my recent post Culture Clash Trouble in Paradise. This is about the the differences in how different cultures treat the "staff" here in Turkey. Being friendly  with them is frowned upon. I was told who I should not be friends with or who should not be allowed to stay in my home as it was not helpful to the running of our complex. Notice this is framed in the negative.  It was a controversial subject for me, rather than being a controversial post.

My Most Helpful post. Again a challenge. I'm beginning to think the focus of my blog is too narrow:-) Many have read the blog as a reference of where to visit and to stay when touring Turkey.  In this sense a help. In the early days my blog recieved very few comments but the post that I consider to be most helpful is Irish Tourist Visa for a Turkish National.  The whole visa process is a nightmare and this post outlined the steps and difficulties in acquiring a visa if you are the holder of a Turkish passport.

My Surprising Successful post?  Uninvited Guest. I'm not sure if it was the title of this post, uninvited guests...we've all had them, the mental image of me sitting on the loo with my feet up staring at the scorpion or the idea of the look of fear on a young man's face as he received an urgent summons to my bedroom that  caught people's fancy.

 A Post that Didn't get the Attention it Deserved. There are so many to choose from :-) But I like this one. Warning - Directions in Middle Age.html.  It kind of sums up where I am right now.

The Post I'm Most Proud Of. Strangely enough this is the hardest one to choose for me. I began writing the blog for family and friends to follow my adventures in Turkey, because, believe me, everyday there is something to make you smile, the only other option is to scream with temper. Turkey is not a place for the faint hearted, for those who cannot go with the flow. But the blog evolved into a little more. People tell me I'm artistic and creative but I don't see that. I know I'm an ideas person and I love a new challenge. But once I've given birth to the idea and got it started I like to leave it to someone else to rear. My blog posts are a bit similar. Once they are written I move on. Probably because I don't see myself as a writer. So for this challenge I have given this a lot of thought. I chose Istanbul Day 1. This post is what my blog is all about, the adventures of a crazy girl. I hope you enjoy my selection.

Now for my nominations, if they wish to take up the challenge.

 I would like to nominate Lucy Patterson of Life Through Lucylastica's Lense Her blog is in her own words her random ramblings and personal observations  inspired by life around her. She has also been hosting "Chooseday Choons

I would also like to nominate Josie of Josie Speaks Up Josie has moved on to new pastures but this might be a nice way to celebrate the end of one blog and hopefully the beginning of another.

Next is Anne Dickens of The Day After Yesterday Her blog will make you laugh out loud at her humorous look at life after moving from London to the depths of the Oxfordshire countryside.

Last but by no means least Corinne of Everyday Gyaan Corinne is a source of constant inspiration to many people.


  1. Yay. Great selections. I'd seen a couple, but the others were new. Enjoyed them all. Thanks for sharing them again.

  2. Hey!

    So the deadly virus is spreading like crazy! Yay! Wasn't it tough..will check out your posts soon :)

    I loved your perks about being 50+ the most, that was the first post I read in your blog and I loved the amazing humor and sarcasm in the post ")

  3. Excellent selection Mary! And you have to own it...seriously...You are a good writer and your posts bring me to worlds I never dreamed of ever seeing and they're always so wonderful and fun to read! Yes, Uninvited Guest is sooo memorable and I must admit, it's one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing your world with us!! xoxo

  4. Great selection! It was a pleasure to read your post. And your pictures...I was feeling cold just looking at your photos of Ireland!

  5. Am humbled to be one of your 'choices' the others are all such worthy pick...though I'm daunted by the task of picking my posts and then others to pass on the challenge to. Still, at least now I have internet access I can take part!
    Thanks again. x

  6. Looking forward to going through the blogs you mentioned and so very honored to be one of your choices. Love and hugs ~Corinne

  7. Your more than welcome Corinne. Your blog is so inspirational, a pleasure to nominate you.

  8. Read and reread these most excellent choices! Thanks for sharing your wonderful blog Mary. Can't wait to see what the folks you chose write about!
    ~cath xo

  9. Sorry to drag you into this predicament but loved reading your selections. They filled in some gaps for me and others brought me up-to-date as to what had occurred as I hadn't read all of them. My favorite continues to be your Most Controversial because it was funny, had cultural insights, and posed an important question. I also love your photos that have taken me on visual journeys that I hope to repeat personally someday.

  10. Awww..... I honoured to be chosen!! Thank you so much. All I need to do now is find the time to do the seven deadly links!! But in the meantime I will ready all your recommended posts!


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