Saturday, May 21, 2011

Killarney, County Kerry.

Killarney is  in the south west of Ireland. It is a land of lakes and mountains. Last December we took Metin, our Turkish friend there. He was visiting Ireland for the first time. He told us Killarney is how he imagined heaven.

This is Metin, taken after he had just climbed Torc Mountain. I chose to stay at home and wait for the photos! 

The following photos were taken last May. As usual, our Irish weather wasn't great. But it didn't spoil our weekend. My brother lives in the area. He swore he'd never go walking again with women with cameras. There were too many stops along the way.
Muckross House. This is where my brother works.
 He bakes all the cakes for the restaurant

View from the terrace at Muckross

A walk through the garden, the rhododendrons are in bloom, and the rain is not too far away.

Old Boathouse at Muckross, on the way to Dinas Cottage

Torc Waterfall

A walk through the woods at Ross Castle

The smell walking through the woods is heavenly. Bluebells and wild garlic.

Lough Leane

Favourite pastime on the lakes

Ireland's fields are dotted with ruins

Another of Killarney's famous lakes

Lakes of Killarney

This is Ladies View. Queen Victoria's ladies-in -waiting visited here in 1861 during the royal visit.
 They loved the view so much it was named after them

The natives are friendly. This is our native red deer. Killarney National Park is the only place left in Ireland where the  native wild Red Deer can be found. They were in danger of extinction but thanks to conservation their numbers increased to over 600 in the 1990's

Evening in the gap of Dunloe.

On the road through the ap.

Where would a post on Ireland be without a couple of "typical" Irish Colleens!


  1. These are fantastic shots. Makes me think of my daughter who studied in Ireland for 6 months (Cork) and I enjoyed the photographs she took when she went exploring.

  2. Cork, in particular, West Cork is extremely beautiful. There is only one downside to having beautiful green countryside......lots of rain!

  3. Bloody hell Hocam, how come I haven't been to your blog before? These shots are absolutely amazing. I can't believe what a beautiful place it is you live in .... and how good you are at photography. Marvellous!

  4. Killarney looks like heaven to me too. There appears to be so much to see and photograph!

  5. It's hard to take a bad photograph in Killarney. Unfortunately it's the brother not me that lives here. It just means I have to go and visit him.

  6. You have such a gorgeous natural scenery around you, so unlike my urban little island.

  7. Hi Jama, everywhere has it's own beauty, natural or urban. I've seen your photos and they are amazing:-)

  8. Someday you will get an email that says "I am coming to Ireland -- where shall I go?" If you just give me directions to all the spots here, I'll be more than content!

  9. Such beauty. I must visit someday.

  10. GREAT photos!! And yes...a couple of Colleens always makes things better! ;)

  11. Lovely pictures! But tell me: Metin must have been freezing!

  12. He was especially a week earlier when we were knee deep in snow. He will only come again if it is summer time. He says when we see the sun it is very far away.

  13. I love that you chose this as your most beautiful post. Definitely agree. Magnificent countryside and photos Mary! I so envy you the beauty of Ireland.
    ~cath xo

  14. Ireland is such a beautiful country. No wonder Metin thought it was like Paradise. And that, coming from someone who lives in a beautiful country himself, is a great compliment. Thanks for the photos.


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