Friday, January 4, 2019

365 Day Photo Challenge. Day 2: The Bare Bones

Today dawned a grey, wet and miserable day. Plans to head for the beach to take my photo of the day were scrapped. Instead I went to Wellingtonbridge to do some essential shopping....... twice!

 I grabbed my purse and shopping bags and the new car tax disc which had arrived in the post and needed to be displayed. Unfortunately, when I got to the car, I couldn't find the disc. So back into the house, I checked my purse and the kitchen table. O f course the disc turned up in my coat pocket. Job sorted and I was on my way. 

 A friend and her daughters were coming for dinner and also I had to shop for my bookclub dinner on Saturday, I parked the car and reached for the shopping bags. No purse! I'd left it on the kitchen table. So I had to make a second run.  It means I drove up and down this stretch of road twice,

This photograph of the "green road" seemed apt for the day that was in it. Apart from the ivy there was not much sign of green, everything is stripped back to the bare bones, the few leaves left, still stubbornly clinging on, are withered and brown

But look to the "wings" and the green is lurking there, just waiting for its opportunity to shine.

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