Tuesday, January 15, 2019

365 Photo Challenge. Day 12 Sunday 13th January. Wexford Quays

Today I had my photo planned. I was meeting Anne and her Dad for the lunchtime trad session in The Stores in Wexford. I would take a photo of the musicians and I would be set.

Mission duly accomplished, what a way to spend a Sunday lunchtime, good food, toe tapping music and my photo of the day taken and it would be something a little different from my usual. That is until we stepped outside and I saw the light on the quays.

Wexford is a maritime town, it's current name comes from the Viking Waesfjord, the harbour of the mud flats. It is situated at the mouth of the River Slaney, I lived in Wexford until I was seven. Then  we moved to Rosslare but my secondary school was in Wexford town. Years ago my principal teased me that I was only a young 'wan, i went to school on a yellow bus. But he was wrong, we did have free transport, but it wasn't the yellow bus, it was the train!

The bridge immediately caught my attention. It was sitting under a deep dark cloud. Years ago, I remember a friend having a Halloween party, or maybe it was just a party to see the fireworks at the opening of the Opera Festival. I remember standing on the bridge to watch the spectacle.

Sometimes with some of the same school friends, we would break out of school at lunch time and head for the swings in Redmond Park. One day in a fit of madness, we bought bubbles and headed down to the New Bridge as it was known. We broke into two and stood on either side of the bridge blowing bubbles across at each other, Not the wisest thing to do when wearing your school gymslips. We were known as the "brown cows"

The quays when we were younger were the "Woodenworks" They used to terrify me, walking along as they tended to move underfoot and were not always in the best state of repair. But I remember winning a bottle of hair spray, in a crab fishing contest during the Opera Festival from the woodenworks. I can't have been more than six.  The Woodenworks were quintessentially Wexford. Dismantled in 1995 they were replaced in 2000 with a newly extended quay front.

Therefore, instead of the trad group photo, I present to you the Wexford Quays. And being me, I could not choose one single photograph on this occasion. I warned you I would do this challenge in my own inimitable style.

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