Wednesday, January 9, 2019

365 Photo Challenge: Day 6. Last hope

With not a hope of topping yesterday's sunset I was feeling rather uninspired. 

Another busy day, lunch with my cousin and her husband. Our friendship goes back to when I was a little girl and she would come down on holidays, call for me, bring me out for a walk and an ice-cream. Being an only girl with five brothers it was the highlight of my year. Fifty years later we still have a close connection.

We had a lovely lunch together with Mum in the Riverside in Enniscorthy. I planned to take some photographs of the river. However with all the chat and news of an unexpected dinner guest, taking the photographs went clear out of my head. 

I had to make a quick stop in Wellingtonbridge for supplies. With the light fading, hope of my photo of the day was fading too. It is too early in the challenge to be skipping days. However, coming out of the supermarket, the twinkly lights in the trees opposite caught my eye. A last reminder of Christmas. I crossed the road put down my shopping bag and took a quick snap. Still on track!

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  1. I will be missing many days I fear but hope not to be disqualified x


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