Monday, January 7, 2019

365 Photo Challenge. Day 5: Sky on Fire.

Today was a busy day. In spite of a very late night,  I got up early and started to pack away the Christmas decorations. My son-in-law was coming later on to collect it. The house looked strangely bare. The monster tree was gone, and everything was packed away for another year. 

The one good thing was my all singing, dancing, swivelling, rocking and reclining chair had returned to its rightful place in the kitchen where I will catch any tiny ray of sunshine that dares to shine while sitting on it.

The house cleaned, the log rack stacked, all that remained to be done was to get the boxes into the attic. it doesn't sound like much of a challenge but have any of you tried to wrestle a box, slightly wider than the attic staighre, solo, into the attic? 

The only way to accomplish this was to balance it on my head and push. I basically head butted it into the attic. Unfortunately sometimes a corner of box got caught on one of the steps. For me, it was quite a manoeuvre. But I can safely report, mission accomplished, with no injury to life or limb! 

I had to stand on the bed to close the attic trapdoor. I happened to glance out the window and saw streaks of orange over the rooftops. Even though it is early days, this project has become a quite a  motivator. I jumped off the bed. I know with my history,  this was not a wise move. Once more my luck was in and I survived without incident.

 I grabbed shoes and a coat and I was out the door and into the car. Even though I am a five minute walk from the beach I wasn't going to risk missing that sky.

This photograph was my reward. It was the best sunset I have I seen since I moved into the house.

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