Sunday, January 13, 2019

365 Photo Challenge Day 10: Tea

The real McCoy, a gift from India

Though not a tea drinker, it is always to be found on my kitchen counter. In the past, when I drank neither tea nor coffee, it had to be within easy reach for my friends who learned to put on the kettle themselves if they were in need of a cuppa. Times changed, I came to love my mug of coffee. Now I am the one to put on the kettle, as soon as I hear a car draw up.

In Turkey I learned how to make tea in a çaydanlık, the double Turkish teapot. . My first effort was not appreciated. However I was only informed of this on my second attempt. I was then given a lesson in the art of brewing the tea properly. 

Later a çaydanlık was brought from Kavaklidere to Ireland. It travelled half way around this country when Mr. Man came to visit. It was greeted with joy by visiting Turkish teachers during a Comenius project visit.  For them their proper glass of tea was a basic necessity.

Continuing in the spirit of fusion,  Darjeeling tea brought from India was recently brewed in my Turkish teapot!
A much travelled Turkish teapot.

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