Thursday, January 3, 2019

365 Photo Challenge. Day 1: Grandpoopy

I have seen several people undertake a 365 Photo Challenge and with the new year beginning I hav been giving it some serious thought. Only today, as I sat in my car and drove to town it fleetingly crossed my mind but then having missed January 1st, decided to let it pass.

This evening when I was home again a friend from the H3A photography group shared a post to the group re 365 photo projects and asked was anyone game?

Two things were now in play 1) co-incidence/fate
                                               2) I find it very hard to resist a challenge!

I have decided to give it a go but in my own particular way. I will try to post a new photograph everyday for the next 364 days, the odd time I may cave and post one from the archives, there may be a day or two when I miss one. Sometimes I will simply post a photo and sometimes there will be words.  I am, however, starting with the best of intentions.

This first one got it's title from the above mentioned friend. Thank you Terry for the laugh.

Luna my grandpoopy.
This is Luna. Daughter No. 4 got a new beagle puppy at the beginning of December. I encouraged her to get her, went with her to pick her up and was instrumental in naming her. Really we should have elongated her name to Lunatic.

 Daughter No. 4 and Luna came to stay on New Years Day. There has been much oohing and aahing over her photograph. I introduced her to my social media friends as my "grandpuppy"  There were various replies, "She is so cute" to which I replied "She is a divil"(the Irish equivlaent of a devil) The conversation continued "She is only a baby" My reply  "Exactly, pees, poops and has chewed half of my Christmas tree decorations" to which my aforementioned friend replied that a grandpuppy (or should that be grandpoopy) that cute gets forgiven anything.

So please meet Luna, my grandpoopy and the first subject for my 365 Photo Challenge.

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