Wednesday, January 9, 2019

365 Photo Challenge Day 7 Back to my Roots

I have visitors coming and going this week and so have found it hard to find time to make my posts but I can promise that the photographs have all been taken on the correct consecutive days. 
Yesterday took me back to my roots. Tuesday is my "Wrinklies Day"

From the time Mum got sick and was not allowed drive, I  have brought her to meet her golfing buddies for lunch on a Tuesday. Even though she can now drive again, I still bring her as I love the ladies company. They are a feisty bunch. Some Tuesday, I will ask their permission to take their photograph and share it with you.

 G has been sick and was not in form for joining us. So it was decided to go further afield to Mary Barry's gastro pub. We were joined by E, another of the golfing buddies and my first cousin, who I have really only had the pleasure of getting to know over the past few months. A pleasant lunch was had by all. 

After dropping my cousin back and heading to drop E home we passed the Coastguard in Rosslare Strand. The sky was streaked with pink. Nothing as spectacular as two days ago but beautiful.

This is where I grew up and I spent a lot of time on the far end of this beach. I loved walking it in winter, the wind never failing to clear my head. It left me with my love of the sea and a desire never to live far from the coast.

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