Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bodrum Days- Around the Peninsula!

Monday we set out for Yahşi for a nice walk along the beach. We drove to Ortakent passing one of my favourite view on the Peninsula, rising towards Dağbelen, looking back to Yalıkavak.
 As we approached the junction at Ortakent the traffic stopped. There was some approaching traffic but we were going nowhere. We thought there may have been an accident and decided to go back to Yalikavak and take the coastal road. As it turns out it was a stage of the Presidential Cycle Race that stopped the traffic. We ran into delays again in Turgetreis. A long slow lazy afternoon.  Here are some of the highlights of the trip.


  1. I enjoyed your pictures very much. I am now a follower and hoping to add you into my RSS stream (i say hoping because i have'nt checked if you have rss set up yet :) )

  2. Thank you Aaron. I don't have your skill yet but hope to get there sometime. I have an rss feed.....I think. At the end of each page there is a subscribe to posts (Atom)


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