Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seasons of Life.

Four years ago our school took part in a "Comenius Project" This is a  European funded inter-school project. We were four schools in the Czech Republic, Greece, France and Ireland. The theme of the project was "Roots, Shoots and Branches"

 Roots represented our past, our history. Shoots represented our lives today and Branches was our reaching out to each other. Each school chose a tree to represent it's country. The Czech Republic chose the Linden tree, Greece the Olive tree, France the Chestnut tree and Ireland chose the Oak tree.

During the course of the two years the pupils in our four schools worked  on our chosen themes, across all areas of the curriculum. We explored our similarities and learned to appreciate our differences.

Maria, the project coordinator for the Greek school sent me this email near the beginning of the project. It was to inspire an artwork that would be a lasting reminder  for our school of this wonderful project. More of this in another post.


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