Monday, May 9, 2011


Following our trip to Muğla. I decided to look for more information about Ebru. For once in a post İ am going to stick with less is more.
Suffice to say, it dates back to the 8th-9th centuries. The Turks took up the art of marbling in the 15th century in Turkestan and brought it with them along the Silk Road from Iran to Anatolia.
I have added a video here to demonstrate how it is done and my fingers are itching to have a go.

 It has now been added on to my must see, must do list! I live in the present but is there any harm in counting the days to retirement? With my list growing longer, it is the only way I will get a chance to do these things!


  1. I've always had a love for marbled paper and would love to give this a try! How fascinating!
    Thanks for sharing this Mary...I'm going to share it too. :D

  2. I thought you would like this Cath. İ'm trying to locate a class in the summer when İ am back out.


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