Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bodrum Days- Cennet Koy

Sunday we decided to go to Cennet Koy for a walk. Sean offered to bring the ladies to give me a chance to have a break and finally sit in the sun for a little while. 
Cennet Koy
I had tried to do this on Friday but Mum decided to make brown bread. I got up early, went for a walk, came home made homemade lemonade, orange juice, strawberry jam and a tea brack. It was definitely time for a sit down. Half an hour later Mum appeared on the roof, she didn't want to disturb me but she couldn't find the bread soda. Sean told her to come and ask me.  (He actually told her to wait a minute and he#d check if I was sleeping but she was up the stairs like a shot) So the next half hour was spent with her as she tried to find her way around my kitchen.
Arrival in Cennet Koy
I decided to take Sean up on his offer and let them off. I wasn't totally sure of the directIons but drew a map. We checked with Metin and he added a few details. They were off! Back to my sun lounger on the roof. Bliss.

view from my rooftop
Twenty minutes later my phone rang. They were driving around in circles! Could Metin drive them over and come back and collect them. Unfortunately Metin was walking the neighbour's dog.
So they were coming back and I would go with them. Sean arrived and was all apologies. He didn't want to ring but again his arm was twisted. I said I would go with them and see if 
we could find the way. Just as I was about to go Metin arrived back and said he would drive them. I gave the camera to Sean and waved them goodbye I headed for the roof again and managed to relax for an hour and catch up with Carol Drinkwater's life on the Olive Farm in Provence.

  An hour later it was time to go and collect them. I found the error in the map immediately. I had drawn one t-junction and there is actually two.

Sean was glad to see us when we arrived. There was a group of young men playing a drum and singing down at the beach. Mum decided it to dance for them. She was out on a deck and began her version of a belly dance. Sean kept his head down, kept walking and hoped she'd follow. She did to the sound of applause!

Resting after her exertions

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